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Conservatory of Flowers

Conservatory of Flowers
San Francisco Conservatory
Flowers Conservatory
San Francisco Flowers



The Conservatory of flowers is a spectacular living museum of rare and beautiful tropical plants including palms, orchids, bromeliads, carnivorous plants and much more. A visit to the conservatory is the easiest tropical vacation you can take. The Conservatory of Flowers at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is a beautiful way to see unique flowers in a tranquil setting. This includes over 1,500 species of plants native to dozens of countries are displayed. It is the oldest wood and glass - Victorian-style conservatory in the United States. 

Prominently situated near the Eastern end of the Golden Gate Park, this gem of Victorian architecture opened in 1879 and is North America’s oldest existing public conservatory. A city, state, and national historic landmark, the Conservatory remains one of the most beloved attractions in the park.


Conservatory of Flowers
Conservatory of Flowers: Quick Facts, Maps & Gallery Highlights