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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco Twin Peaks



If San Francisco is a city of stunning views, then Twin Peaks is its crowning achievement. Perched 900 feet (274m) above sea level, the two peaks offer - fog permitting! - The most impressive views available anywhere in the Bay Area.
Twin Peaks is second only to Mount Davidson in height. The ocean is three miles away, but 1,000 feet of elevation means that Twin Peaks catches the cool coastal winds and fog from the Pacific. Much of the Bay Area experiences a hot and dry summer, but standing atop the Peaks gives you the unique sensation that only Twin Peaks can give.

Twin Peaks is located in the center of San Francisco and is accessible by car from the south at Portola Drive and Twin Peaks Boulevard and from the north of Clarendon Avenue and Twin Peaks Boulevard.